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Xianning Greenland Fertilizer Co., Ltd., a joint-stock enterprise that established in 2005,is situated in Xianning Changjiang Industry estate, Hubei province, only 70 km away from Wuhan port.The company whose gross asset is 10 million RMB covers an area of 30000sq.m with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons . It Specializes in the production of Agro-chemicals with high nutrients and trace elements , like MAP(12-61-0), MKP(0-52-34) , UP (17-44-0) , Potassium nitrate (13-0-46) and EDTA chelated salts as well as the customer-tailored 100% water soluble NPK +TE fertilizers. All of them are effective and widely applied to modern dripping and spraying irrigation. Our products have been sold well in Europe, America, South East Asia , Middle East , Australia and Africa .

Insisting on the philosophy of "priority of quality and credit, building the best modern enterprise", we endeavor to establish a friendly and long-term business relations with our clients.


        Water soluble fertilizers 
      Mono-Potassium Phosphate(MKP)
      Di-Ammonium Phosphate(DAP) 
      Di Potassium Phosphate anhydrous (DKP)
Mono-Ammonium Phosphate(MAP)
      Urea phosphate (UP)
      Trisodium phospahte
      Phosphorous acid (PA)                                                       


         EDTA Chelated Salts
     EDTA Fe-13  
     EDTA Zn-15
     EDTA Mn-13 
     EDTA Ca-10
     EDTA Mg-6
     EDTA Cu-15
     DTPA Fe-11


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